24. Mar, 2018

Scottish Rail -- Waiting, ... Waiting, ...

It seems I can finally start getting my training kilometres done on the road instead of on the home trainer.

Training miles don't seem to be my biggest worry at the moment.  I was notified by Euro Wings that my flight time to Edinburgh is much later than originally planned.  That means I won't have time to go shopping in Edinburgh for cooking fuel which I can't bring with me on the flight.  I will contact the hotel and ask if I can order it and have it posted to them prior to my arrival.  It should be o.k.

The other problem is that Scottish Rail hasn't finalised their summer schedule yet.  Normally, one can book their train tickets 12 weeks prior to their trip.  But, to book my trip from Edinburgh to Wick for the 1st of June, I now have to wait until nine weeks prior.  I have a reminder in my calendar to do this as soon as possible as getting a reservation for a bicycle is said to be tough during the high season.  

So!  What do I concentrate on now?  MILES!  KILOMETRES!