21. Apr, 2018

Yay! Final preparations almost completed.

Yippie!  Scotrail finally released their summer train schedule and I was able to book my train trip from Edinburgh to Wick for the 1st of June.  Complete with a place reserved for my bicycle.  

I should leave Edinburgh at 08:34 on the 1st of June, arriving in Inverness just before noon.  The layover should be long enough for me to grab a little lunch and have a quick look about.  (I'll be cycling through Inverness later on my way south.)  The plan is to leave Inverness at 14:00, arriving in Wick at 18:22.  There should be plenty of daylight to continue north to John o'Groats (roughly 30 km), but I may decide to stay overnight in Wick.  It will depend on whether or not I have time to buy fuel for my camp stove in Edinburgh or not.  I guess the weather could also influence my decision.  

At any rate, now I can take my sweet Gudrun to Tenerife for a couple of weeks and not have to worry about early formalities in Scotland.  The only thing left to do is pack.

A FB friend of mine, Helen Dainty (https://www.facebook.com/Helsonwheelswithmlt/), is currently on her second very long cycling journey.  Just yesterday she was at John o'Groats and wasn't very impressed.  I've heard the same from a number of other travellers.  What she did was travel a bit further east to Duncansby Head Lighthouse (picture).  I might do the same.  It might not be the furthest north point of Scotland (neither is John o'Groats), but it is definitely the furthest northeast point.