9. May, 2018

The Vacation Before the Vacation

This is my sweet wife, Gudrun.  I'm so fortunate to have her in my life.  She a wonderful friend, companion, and discussion partner who helps me to stay balanced.  When we first married at the young age of 50, she and I used to cycle a good deal together.  Though I could never get her to go off on a cycle tour involving camping, we did enjoy weekend rides and rides together after work.  

Arthritis has pretty much ended her cycling days.  Though her knees are doing o.k. (one TKR), the constant vibration of cycling causes her serious discomfort in her hands.  So, no more cycling for Gudrun.

Instead, travel to interesting and relaxing places is what we do to step away from the daily routines at home.  One such trip is at our doorstep.  We're going to Tenerife for two weeks.  I won't be taking a bicycle with me, but I will continue to train for an hour or so each day we're there.  Mostly we will be enjoying the sights, relaxing where we can around the island, and making a few day trips to some of the other Canary Islands.

My 2018 bicycle touring trip will begin a few days after we return from Tenerife.  I am extremely grateful that Gudrun supports my need for at least one annual cycle trip, and I hope our short time in Tenerife is some consolation for me leaving her at home for six or seven weeks.