10. May, 2018

Life can change your plans in the blink of an eye.

I can't believe I was only yesterday writing about leaving with Gudrun for two weeks in Tenerife, and making my final preparations for kicking this trip off on our return.  Early today I finished dismantling and packing my bike for Scotland.  Later today I got the message no one wants from their far away sibling.  "Call me back ASAP."  News from home in Georgia is that my mom's health is failing fast.  Besides wanting to be with her, I need to go home and help my sister with the multitude of tasks that come with drastically failing health, moving from a senior assisted living residence to a nursing home, and more.  I also just want to see my mom.

So, this trip is at best postponed until some undetermined date later this year.  At worst, it's cancelled.  If that's the case there'll be a shorter replacement trip sometime later this year.  I still want to give Gudrun a nice vacation sometime before the year is done.