26. Jul, 2018

Back In the Saddle

I've been back home in Germany now for a little over three weeks.  Cycling mileage is way up, and I'm really itching to get on the road for a while.  

Besides cycling, the past weeks haven't been too busy.  The major adjustment has been not calling Mom every evening after dinner.  I think of her often.  One positive thing is that I got my sister introduced to WhatsApp, so we have video chats on a regular basis now.  The big event of these weeks was me turning sixty-six last Sunday.  Strange, but I don't feel a day older than sixty-five.

Gudrun and I have a short vacation to North Germany planned for the first couple weeks in September.  So, there's no way I will be able to squeeze in the planned JoGLE-Dover-Calais-Aachen trip this year.  I decided to move that trip to 2019 and put the Pamir Highway trip on indefinite hold.  I suppose the Pamir trip will ultimately depend on health (knees and hips).  I'd still like to do it.

I'm now planning to take off on 2 August on an abbreviated tour.  I'll follow the route I outlined in my last post.  Starting from Aachen I'll head east back to the Rhein at Wesseling, DE.  From there I will turn north and complete the rest of the EuroVelo 15 Rhein route that I rode most of last year. From Rotterdam I will head south over the Netherlands coastal islands and into Northern Belgium. My main goal once I turn east back towards Aachen will be to visit Bruges, BE.  Everyone I know who has been there says it's one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.  As often and Gudrun and I have been to the Belgian coast it's a wonder I've never been to Bruges before.

So, starting in early August I'll try to make some updates to this blog adding photographs and highlights of my days.  I will be updating my daily stop position with my SpotGen 3 GPS.  No safety concerns, but I just want to check it out pending any longer, more remote trips.  The link for this is https://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0QyBX5ZYpKcabUjar0HLtJALejTRLtSmN.  I'll also make updates on FB most days.

So, now I will get back to the daily training rides in the hot, dry weather we're having.  The weather is forecasted to remain sunny and hot for at least the first week of this year's trip.