29. Jul, 2018

Detailed Planning Done

If I hold to the plan finalised today, I will start my trip on Thursday, 2 August and end it back home in Kohlscheid on Tuesday, 14 August.  I haven't planned any +100km days.  The pace will be a leisurely one averaging about 85km per day.  If the weather stays hot, as forecasted, that will be enough.  I plan to make plenty of photo stops, and I hope to hit a campground in the early afternoon to secure a nice spot.  Also, this will give some time to recharge my Garmin and IPhone, and to fix something nice to eat and to relax some.

One nice twist for this trip is that I will have company on my one rest day.  Two nights.  My sweet Gudrun will take a train from Welkenraedt, BE to Bruges, BE where I won't make her sleep in my tent.  Instead, we'll enjoy the comforts of the Bruges Crowne Plaza Hotel and a full day of sight-seeing in, what I'm told, is a beautiful city.  I'm really looking forward to that.

Between now and Thursday morning all I have to do is finish my packing.  Not much to do there.  I'm ready.  Oh!  And, Gudrun and I will be celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary on Tuesday.

Planning looks like this (No daily distance numbers.):

1 - Kohlscheid, DE to Brühl, DE

2 - Brühl, DE to Wesseling, DE, then to Meerbusch, DE

3 - Meerbusch, DE to Xanten, DE (Maybe another bike trip visit to my refugee friends now living in Xanten.)

4 - Xanten, DE to Eck en Weil, NL

5 - Eck en Weil, NL to Dordrecht, NL

6 - Dordrecht, NL to Hoek van Holland, NL

7 - Hoek van Holland, NL to Vrouwenpolder, NL

8 - Vrouwenpolder, NL to Bruges, BE

9 - Rest day in Bruges with Gudrun

10 - Bruges, BE to Stekene-Kemzeke,  BE

11 - Stekene-Kemzeke,  BE to Retie, BE

12 - Retie, BE to Opoeteren, BE

13 - Opoeteren, BE to Kohlscheid, DE