2. Aug, 2018

Thursday, 2 August - Day 1: Kohlscheid, DE - Brühl, DE

Today:  82,57 km (51.3 miles)
Trip to date:  82,57 km (51.3 miles)

I had been watching the weather forecast for the previous days, and I knew this was going to be a hot trip. It was that for sure.  On this first day the temperatures were in the mid-to-upper 30°s C (around 97°F).  The plan for the 3rd of August was for longer distance, and higher temperatures were forecasted.

I stopped on this day at a recreational lakeside campground near Brühl.  I got there early enough to get a shady spot for my tent, but it was way too crowded.  Being as hot as it was, I was happy the campground had an on-site restaurant where I got a salad and a couple ice cold Weißenbiers.

The thing that really struck me on this day's ride was the state of the crops in the fields.  It was really sad.  The drought impacting this region for a few months now is going to have serious impact on crop yields.  Some of this is visible in the photos from today.