5. Aug, 2018

Sunday, 5 August - Day 4: Xanten-Husen, DE - Eck en Weil, NL

Today:  105,72 km (65.7 miles)
Trip to date:  394,85 km (245.4 miles)

Yay!  My first border crossing of this trip.  Ha!  I could have done that just a couple kilometers from our house.  

As you can see from the link to this year's route, I had planned to average 85 km per day.  I've far exceeded that on three of the first four days.  Through today the average has been 98,7 km.  The distance alone would have been challenge enough for today, but I had the added challenge of hilly terrain once I reached Arnhem, NL.  There are more hills in the first 75 km of the Netherlands portion of the EuroVelo 15 than the whole of the route in Germany.  Though still quite hot, the temperatures are down slightly from the past days.

Just after Arnhem I stopped at a farmhouse where they had a cafe in their nicely shaded courtyard.  I had a delicious humus dish and a cool drink (no Weißbier).  The had a number of picnic tables arranged in the shade of some trees.  Running around between all the tables were chickens looking for fallen scraps.

I had to take a ferry across the Neder-Rijn to get to my no frills campground.  The campground had no imbiss or restaurant, and no posibility for buying a beer.  Lucky for me I had another generous campsite manager who gave me a cold beer.  Later on two of my campsite caravan neighbours also came by to offer a beer to go with the dinner I was cooking.  Nice.

My dinner was fusilli noodles with garlic and pesto Genovese.  I had a tin of smoked mackerel as well.  Yum!  I should cook more often on these trips.  It'd be easier if I didn't have to be in Bruges, BE on Thursday.  I could be more flexible with start times and distance to cover every day, leaving more time for campground activities like cooking.

There was no rain this night, but the night temperatures were a bit more comfortable for sleeping.