10. Aug, 2018

Friday, 10 August - Day 9: Bruges, BE Sightseeing

Today:  0,00 km (0.0 miles)
Trip to date:  708,93 km (440.5 miles)

It was raining after dinner yesterday evening, so Gudrun and I retired to our hotel suite.  I'm afraid I wasn't much good company.  I was feeling really beat from the cycling and went to bed quite early.  I slept for 10,5 hours!  I still felt somewhat tired after we got up, but I felt a lot better after enjoying the hotel's breakfast buffet with Gudrun.  

We were quite lucky with the weather.  Though we did have some showers during the day, they were light and short-lived.  So we had plenty of time to walk around and enjoy the city.  It's amazing how many chocolate shops are here.  I know Belgian chocolates are famous, but it seemed there were hundreds of them.  There were also many waffle houses and micro breweries.  At one waffle house Gudrun had a waffle with blueberries and cream, and I had a salted waffle with smoked salmon and salad.  It was like I'd ridden my bicycle to heaven.  

One day is not enough to really see Bruges and appreciate its history.  We got to see a good deal by taking a carraige tour and a canal tour.  Both gave us looks at much of the city we'd have missed in one day on foot.  Though the tour guides were great and gave us some insight into the history of the city, we promised each other to return for a longer stay where we'd have time to see sights and learn the history in more detail.  Oldies like us can get a return train ticket here from Welkenraedt, BE (not far, just across the border from Aachen) for less than € 15,00.

For dinner we went to a restaurant on the central market square.  We each had delicious cod.  Eating out in Belgium is always a treat.  

Spending this time with Gudrun was also a treat.  As much as I love making these annual bike tours, it never ceases to amaze me how much I miss her and how happy I am when we're back together.  She doesn't speak much English, so I know she'll never read this.  There's no buttering her up going on here.  It's just how I feel about her.  She's my very best friend, and I can't imagine my life without her.

I called to make a reservation at the campground where I had planned to stop the following night.  They informed me that they had space for me, but they also told me they were hosting a heavy metal festival over the weekend.  Plans change.  As I expected to leave Bruges later than my usual start time, I altered my route with the desgtination of Ghent, BE for my first day after this stop.  That would make for another short day.  

This day ended somewhat like yesterday.  With a long, deep sleep,