12. Aug, 2018

Sunday, 12 August - Day 11: Ghent, BE - Antwerp, BE

Today:  92,70 km (57.6 miles)
Trip to date:  850,80 km (528.7 miles)

Just a few kilometers east of Ghent I came across the start point for an old timer rally.  I would have stayed to take more photos than I did, but there seemed to be no end to the number of cool, old cars.  There was one vintage Chevrolet pickup truck that had to be from the late 30s / early 40s.  It never looked as good as it did on this day.  Sadly, I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of it.

The “Fietsnet” app (bicycle route planner) is great for routing you by every interesting stone in Belgium. But, in the process it can route you over some terrible paths. I had two bad cobble stone stretches today and each slowed me down to under 10kph. One was 2.5km long!  See photo.  Where possible I simply geared down and rode on the grass and dirt at the side of the road.

After I got to Sint-Niklaas I opted for a straight shot for the final 25km.  Had I not done that, I would certainly have had over 100 km on the day.

Today I had first for this trip. A very, very low speed crash just as I entered the campground. I thought I would be able to simply let the bike drop and skip out of the way. No such luck. My left hand got a deep bruise, and my left knee lost a good patch of skin.  Oh well. I always tell Gudrun, if you ride a bicycle such things will happen.

The campground was another of those located close to a water park.  There were screaming, happy kids just outside the campground until just before dark.  What should one expect at such a place on a sunny, warm Sunday afternoon?  

The campgroud was just across the Schelde River from Antwerp city center.  There were a number of restaurants close by, and An's Hoeve is where I had a chicken Caesar salad for dinner.  For desert I had the best sorbet I've ever eaten.  Wow!  It was great.  I made plans to come back the next day to use their free WiFi and have sorbet seconds.  This kind of camping is really a tough life.