13. Aug, 2018

Monday, 13 August - Day 12: Antwerp, BE Rest Day

Today:  0,00 km (0.0 miles)
Trip to date:  850,80 km (528.7 miles)

The photograph with this post was taken yesterday just before I reached the campground.  It was taken looking across the Schelde River towards Antwerp city center.  Today's sky looked nothing like this.  It pretty much rained on and off until late afternoon.  At one point it was quite a downpour.  For me that means this was a good day to choose for a rest day.

I woke up with the realisaton that there was one other injury from yesterday's minor crash.  It seems I either sprained or cracked one of my ribs on my left side.  Sleeping on my left side and turning over during the night was uncomfortable to say the least.  I would need to keep an eye on this in the coming days.

After waking up I took a short ride to a nearby Albert Heijn for some stuff for breakfast.  Back at the campground I managed to brew a big cup of coffee between rain showers.  

Later on I rode back to An's Hoeve restaurant and was pleased to find them open on a cool, rainy Monday.  I sat there for a few hours drinking coffee, using their free WiFi, reading my book, and browsing the internet.  I finally ordered spaghetti Bolognese for lunch and (what else?) sorbet for dessert.  

I got back to the campground late in the afternoon after the rain had finally ended.  The skies were still various shades of grey, but at least it was dry enough for me to sit outside, read some more and enjoy one more cup of coffee before turning in.