15. Aug, 2018

Wednesday, 15 August - Day 14: Balen, BE - Kohlscheid, DE

Today:  124,14 km (77.1 miles)
Trip to date:  1052,88 km (654.9 miles)

On this day I got started riding at 08:40. Somewhere near 08:30 a shotgun was fired near the campground.  I had a pretty good idea what that meant, and I was right.  Within a minute or so it sounded like a thousand angry bees had just taken flight. The day-long motocross event had started.  

I had a choice this day of heading for a campground less than 40 km from my house, or taking a direct route and pushing for home.  The urge to see Gudrun and to sleep in my own bed made it an easy decision to make.  I plotted a route home over the most direct route possible where there'd be little chance of getting sidetracked on obscure paths or cobblestone roads.  It was going to be a long day, and there'd be little time for photo stops.

I got home at about 21:00! 124,14 km! The longest day of the trip.  It was great to be home with Gudrun again.