22. Aug, 2018


Though it was difficult at times, this was a very enjoyable trip.  I believe, however, I'd have enjoyed it much more had I started one week later when the worst of the hot weather was behind us.  The most difficult thing in the first five days was coping with the heat.  I didn't have any knee, hip or other physical ailments.  Actually, hill climbing didn't pose a serious problem at all.  Even in the series of long climbs from Maastricht to Vaals late on the last day.  But, the heat in the early days drained my energy in ways I never expected.

What I believe will stay with me most regarding the cycling was the beauty of the cycle routes in the Netherlands.  There's no need there to plug along on a bike path paralleling a major road as there are many well marked routes that take you through much more scenic landscapes.  It's a beautiful place to tour, and, using the Fietsnet app can assure you a beautiful (if not direct) way from one point to the next.

Bruges, BE is a beautiful city and worth a longer visit than the one Gudrun and I shared.  Our day together there is one I won't forget.  

Some little travel things:

  • I didn't use the PlugII USB charger on my bicycle during the entire trip.  It's the charger on the head tube of my bike that gets its power from the hub dynamo on my front wheel.  I guess it's nice to have in emergencies, but, I had a high capacity powerbank with me that was able to keep both my Garmin and my iPhone charged for about four days before needing to be recharged.
  • I should wear my helmet more.  I took it off when it was getting really hot and when I was on roads where there was little traffic.  Both times I fell I was not wearing my helmet.  I was lucky, and should wear the helmet at all times.
  • Despite my experience last year, it is nice to ride along with someone else when you can chat, joke, and really enjoy the day together instead of simply and silently following each other all day.

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