8. Mar, 2018

1 Apr 2016 - Research and more waiting ...

Waiting is hard.  I find myself having imaginary mosquito attacks at night.  It sometimes makes sleeping difficult.  Also, I keep going over the things I plan to bring with me.  I imagine I will need to devise some way to hook up two Bob Yaks behind my bike.  Kind of like those really long trucks in the Western United States.  Either that, or I may have to pare down my load.  

One thing I wasn't sure about was the average temperatures at the North Cape in June.  I knew from watching their live stream the last couple years that it should at least not be frozen over.  I checked today and found out the following:

  • Average temperatures at the North Cape in June:  High: 8°C / 46°F; Low: 6°C / 43°F
  • Chance of rain:  17%
  • Chance of sunshine:  17%
  • Chance of overcast:  33%
  • Chance of a windy day:  100%
  • Chance of snow:  67%  (I suppose that means flurries at some point during the day.)

I guess that means I planned o.k. regarding clothing and sleeping bags.  I plan mostly light springtime clothing for Germany, Denmark and Southern Sweden and Norway.  For cool European evenings and for the time spent above the Artic Circle I will have some light weight and wind / waterproof things I can layer.  I'll be packing two sleeping bags.  Both are very light weight and pack quite small.  The summer bag is rated to 15°C, and the other one is rated to -5°C.  In the worst case I can use both.

A pre-packing exercise will be needed a couple weeks before I start the trip.  This should show me exactly whether I've overpacked or not, and it will give me time to decide what I should leave behind.  (I really don't want to buy a Bob Yak - or two.)  I'll take a picture of the entire truck load of stuff and post it here later.