8. Mar, 2018

1 May 2016 - Final Preparations

Well, the pre-packing went much better than expected.  The bags are full, but it doesn’t look like I have to leave behind anything I really felt I needed on the trip.  I did have to make some minor adjustments in how the stuff is distributed in the bags, but nothing too drastic.  I keep thinking I might be too concerned with cold, but the North Cape is quite some distance north of the Artic Circle (512.6km).  So, despite global warming, I’m still packing to be prepared for some cooler days.  The average temperature at the North Cape in June is between 6° - 8°C (43° - 46°F).

I got a surprise a couple days ago when Gudrun bought me a GoPro for my birthday.  My birthday isn’t until late July, but at that time I will hopefully be somewhere in Sweden on my way home.  Having some video of the trip will certainly make reminiscing over the memories more enjoyable.  I will spend some time in the next couple weeks making some test video and learning to edit it for inclusion in the blog. 

We’ve had an extremely cool April in Germany.  Actually, the daily high has often been warmer at the North Cape than here in Aachen!  With the cold and the rain I have not managed as many training kilometers as I would have liked.  It doesn’t worry me too much as the basic fitness is there already.  It may simply mean that the early part of the trip will have more rest days than originally foreseen.  There’s enough cushion built into the trip plan, so it shouldn’t be an issue.   Starting tomorrow afternoon, and running through the next few weeks, we are supposed to finally start having real spring-like weather.  I will take this opportunity to bump up the training distance.  I’m really getting excited to start.