8. Mar, 2018

14 May 2016 - Three, two, one, ...

The only thing between now and getting started on my trip is a fitful night's sleep.  I expect the nerves will be approaching somewhere near normal after I've gotten 20-25 km behind me tomorrow.  

I made some adjustments to the load (leaving some things behind) and all is now packed.  Tomorrow, I'll get up, have a nice breakfast with Gudrun and be on my way.  Daniel Barbu, a close friend from my Ericsson life, will be joining me for the start.  His company and conversation will make shaking the nervousness a little easier.  

Here's a picture of my bike parked in the living room and almost ready to go.  I'll probably be wishing I had left more behind when I hit the first serious hills.  Ha!  

More to come from the road.