8. Mar, 2018

22 May 2016 - First observations.

Garmin Edge Navigation for Bicyclists:  These things are not like a navigation device in your car.  They don't recalculate a route if you miss a turn.  You need to program the route on your PC and transfer it to the Edge device.  When programming the route on your PC you can set certain parameters like "paved roads only."  I don't know why this is allowed, because Garmin seems to ignore this completely.  I can't count the number of times my Garmin has pointed me to an unpaved road, or, even worse, a single grassy track that one would think impossible to be defined as a road at all.  Still, it is a nice supplement to a map.  Using it alone, however, is asking for trouble.

Bicycle tourists are generally really nice people.  They're always waving or stopping for a short chat.  Even if they're heading in the other direction.  Sport cyclists, on the other hand, generally don't seem to be interested in exchanging so much as a friendly "Hello."  This is true close to home with German, Belgian and Dutch cyclists, but is also true of the Germans in the North and of Danes.  It's not that they're riding with IPods blasting music in their ears, so they don't hear your greeting.  They're either too focused on their ride, or I have the bad fortune of passing a bunch of unfriendly riders on the road.