8. Mar, 2018

24-26 May 2016 - Denmark

The 24th and 25th of May were the hardest two days of the trip so far.  My tailwind turned into a headwind, and hills and rain were added for effect.  On the 24th I was so thoroughly soaked through I called the campground and again got a cabin.  I couldn't bear to have to pack a wet tent for the final push into Frederikshavn.  Once again I was the only one in the campground.  The first thing I did when I got into the cabin was to turn the little electric heater up to full blast.  Everything I had that was wet went near the heater.  By morning I had dry shoes again, so that was a positive note to start the day on.  

The 25th didn't have as much rain as the day before, but the wind had ramped up a notch or two. My average speed on this day was only 10.1 kph.  That's almost funny.  It took me over 13 hours to get from Aalstrup to Frederikshavn and the long-awaited hotel room.  The nice part was that the sky had completely changed by time I arrived in Frederikshavn.  There wasn't a cloud in sight.  

On the morning of the 2th I woke after a GREAT night's sleep in a real bed.  I feel great.  In the morning it only took a short while to get all my things together, check out and find my way to the ferry.  It is a far cry from the little pedestrian / cyclist ferry that took me across the Rhein.  This one has two decks for cars and a huge deck for transport trucks.  It seems fitting that my bike is parked with the trucks.  

It's a three hour transit to Göteborg, Sweden.  Once there I need to get a Swedish map and hit the road.  I hope to get about 50 km north of Göteborg before calling it a day.