8. Mar, 2018

26-28 May - Sweden

The ferry crossing from Frederikshavn, Denmark to Göteborg, Sweden was quite nice.  Mine was the first "vehicle" on the ferry, and driving into such a cavernous parking bay was quite an experience.  I managed to have some time on the PC and to take some nice pictures, especially as we were nearing Göteborg.  The ferry docked only a short distance across the harbor from the Ericsson Göteborg offices.  (I worked for Ericsson R&D in Aachen for more than 22 years.)

Getting out of Göteborg was a challenge, but I finally made it after traversing the industrial region north of the city.  I again had some "Garmin experiences" that weren't so nice.  But, the weather was beautiful and I ended up in a nice campground near Stenungsund.  

The following day is where I got my introduction to the terrain of the far western coastal region of Sweden.  To say it is hilly would be a tremendous understatement.  Within 10 km of leaving the campground in Stenungsund, I had already crossed three high bridges, and there were even more challenging hills to come.  

I ended up making a short day of it and stopping at a campground in Hånen, Sweden at about 3 p.m.  I discovered the morning of the 28th that this had been a good idea.  The 25 km after that campground contained some more very challenging hillsl  The good thing about each of these days was the scenery.  This part of Sweden is beautiful.  Farmland, forests, small villages, farms, lakes and inlets abound.

I had an especially pleasant surprise on Saturday the 28th in Munkedal, Sweden when I again ran across Joe and Mary, the English couple I had met a week ago in Denmark.  Joe's wheel had been repaired and they were continuing on their trip to Oslo.  We stopped for coffee and conversation in a small cafe in Munkedal before again parting ways on our way north.  They were taking a coastal route, while I am heading more due north.  It was, however, something that brightened my day immeasurably.

Though the hills were not so bad after Munkedal, I again made a short day on the 28th.  I stopped at a small campground in Hällevadsholm, Sweden.  The next campground is about 40 km from there, and I didn't have any information regarding the terrain.  I know now that it will also be challenging.  As tomorrow may have a good deal of rain, I may stay here two nights.  The weather starting on Monday is supposed to improve significantly.  Actually, with forecasted temperatures approaching 25° C, the hills may be even more difficult.  

Observation:  There's a serious side-effect associated with the slow going in the hills.  When riding up steep hills, you are not faster than the mosquitos and other biting insects.  Ugh! 

I just learned that tonight is the European Cup Final.  I met an immigrat couple here in Hällevadsholm, and we hope to find a way to watch the game.  That could also impact what time I get started tomorrow.