8. Mar, 2018

4 Jun 2016 - Third observations

Norwegians are the most bicycle friendly drivers I have ever encountered.  They always give the cyclist priority at intersections.  They ensure ample room when passing cyclists on the road, and they usually will wait to pass if there is on-coming traffic or if visibility is limited due to a hill or curve.  This goes a long way in making one feel secure when sharing the road.

Where there are bike paths, they are generally very well maintained.  The one complaint I have is that the transition from bike path to street and back at intersections is not graded at all.  The street and the path is almost always separated by a three-to-five centimeter granite curb.  One doesn’t want to hit these things going too fast.  Perhaps that’s the idea in the design.  Keep the speed of the cyclists down where they’re sharing the way with pedestrians.

Anyone travelling through Norway should plan a stop in Tretten, NO at the Cadillac Diner.  Besides having a good meal, you also get to have a taste of travelling in Norway and the United States at the same time.  If you’re nice, Brittirèn Bjerkestuen might even give you a tour to see all the restored cars and trucks.  Thanks, Brittirèn!

I’m having trouble deciding when to stop and take pictures.  The beautiful sights are constant.  I hope I’m capturing enough to hold the memories for me after this trip is done.  Also, if a perfect photo chance happens on a steep uphill climb, it usually gets tossed.  On a steep hill, starting from a dead stop is extremely difficult.