8. Mar, 2018

9 June 2016 - Fourth Observations - End of the Line

The observations I have this time are mostly about myself and my dream.  This trip provided me with experiences and challenges that I will rembmber for the rest of my days.  I got to see parts of Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway I would never have experienced so closely had I not taken this trip.  Though I still look like the Michelen Man on a bicycle, I did manage to be up to the difficult physical challenges a trip like this presents.  For that I am really grateful.  I met some really nice people along the way, and even managed to share memories with an old acquaintance from many years ago.  Hopefully I can convince Gudrun to come back here with me so I can show her some of the beauty to be seen on the route I chose.

Another observation I have is that, by communicating my dream on a scale monumentally bigger that what I achieve by stopping in Trondheim, I may leave some thinking how sad it is that I didn't really achieve my expressed dream.  That shouldn't be the case.  I visualized something that I didn't really comprehend.  However, I have thoroughly enjoyed every experience I had on this trip.  I am grateful for the support and encouragement I received from my family and friends.  I simply have run out of gas.

So, Trondheim, Norway will be the end of the line for this journey.  It's only roughly one quarter of the way through the "Aachen-North Cape-Aachen" route of the original plan.  It's only half way through the Aachen-North Cape part.  But it's where I feel I need to stop.

Today I handed my bicycle over to Trondheim Sykkelservice.  They will prepare it for transport and load it in the bike box being sent to them by SendBike.com.  The  bike will be picked up by DHL on Monday, and I should have it back by Thursday at the latest. 

My flight ticket is purchased, and I should be home in Aachen by late Saturday afternoon.  Tomorrow I'm going to be a Trondheim tourist.  

What a great experience this has been.  I am thankful for my dear Gudrun's understanding in allowing me to have the time for this trip.  I am happy to soon be going home to her, my daughter, Maria and my friends.  --  I'm a happy and a lucky man.