15. Mar, 2019

ANCA2-2019 route stages

In just a little more than two months I'll be taking off for a second attempt to make it from Kohlscheid to the North Cape and back.  These are links to each of the nine stages of the trip.  More to come in the next weeks.

- Stage 1 (Aachen, DE to Fredrikshavn, DK

- Stage 2 (Gothenburg, SE to Trondheim, NO

- Stage 3 (Trondheim, NO to Bodø, NO)

- Stage 4 (Moskenesøy, NO to Tromsø, NO)

- Stage 5 (Tromsø, NO to Nordkapp, NO)

- Stage 6 (Nordkapp, NO to Luleå, SE)

- Stage 7 (Luleå, SE to Stockholm, SE)

- Stage 8 (Stockholm, SE to Malmö, SE)

- Stage 9 (Copenhagen, DK to Aachen, DE)