20. Apr, 2019

ANCA2 Update

It's now only a little more than one month before the planned start for this trip, though there's now some uncertainty.  I have a nephew who is quite ill back in the States, and here, Gudrun and I still have our move and our daughter's move keeping us occupied.  Still, I'm confident all is going to work out o.k., and this trip is going to kick off as planned.

I changed the links below to each of the stages from Garmin links to those from BikeMap where I created the routes.  After clicking on one of the links below, you can select full screen in the map window, and if you wait a few seconds you should be able to zoom in and see a bit more detail. Zooming in under 300m will show you most of the campgrounds where I plan to stop.  If you put your cursor in the terrain box on the lower-right side of the map, click and scroll left or right, there should be a point showing the elevation at the various points on the map.  

As I go along I will update these to show the approximate positions where I stop each night.  Daily updates (depending on internet / mobile network connection) will be made in FB.  I'll probably only update the blog on my rest days.  

It's getting exciting.